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Product update: Create next-level user experiences with our latest update to Digital Assistant

Rhian Greener
Rhian Greener
Product Marketing Manager
Product update: Create next-level user experiences with our latest update to Digital Assistant

Our Digital Assistant has been constantly evolving over the years, and we’ve made big improvements in the latest version.

With the demands and expectations of retail customers shifting rapidly, brands must look to technology to keep up. By continuously learning and developing to meet customer needs, we’ve created a truly user-friendly Digital Assistant.

Say hello to a more intuitive on-site tool, to guide customers down the purchase funnel with as little friction as possible.

What’s new?

Enhanced usability

Our latest version of Digital Assistant uses simple and common design patterns for a user-centric experience. In plain English a design pattern is a repeatable solution to a commonly occurring problem. In other words, your Digital Assistant’s design system is one your customers have experienced before, across the internet. This familiarity allows them to engage with Digital Assistant intuitively, removing any friction from the shopping journey.

Sounds obvious, right? Except it’s not. Many ecommerce optimisation tools on the market boast ‘full design flexibility’. Whilst this might sound appealing for brands who associate these words with ‘easy to integrate with my site’, a 100% customisable design could erode your site’s usability.

Consider websites for example. 10 years ago, designers would be tasked with creating an entirely unique website design. Now, the thought of compromising the expected structure and layout of an ecommerce website would make most designers wince. Your users expect your menu to run across the top, the sitemap to sit at the bottom and your company logo to take them back to the homepage.

Challenging the fundamental building blocks of websites and their on-site tools may create unnecessary usability issues, resulting in higher bounce rates.

Seamless integration with your brand

Although our Digital Assistant’s fundamental design system remains consistent, there’s no compromise when it comes to branding the creative assets and UI components that sit within it.

We work hard to ensure our Digital Assistant feels native to your website and works hand-in-hand with your brand. You don’t even need your own design resource.

Our team of designers work with you to customise all assets, from the colour of your CTA buttons, to media message headlines and product descriptions.

Smarter audience rules

“Digital Assistant might pop up, but it’s not a pop-up" It’s a passionate topic within our product team.

You could argue there are many up-sides to a pop-up. It’s certainly better to try and interact with your online customers, than leave them to navigate your site without any help at all.

However, pop-ups have many down-sides too, and they’re easy to get wrong. There’s a thin line between adding value and disrupting the shopping journey. We’ve all been there – browsing a site and feeling completely interrupted by multiple pop-ups, all with messaging that’s irrelevant to our current shopping needs.

Digital Assistant is built with these pain points in mind, reacting to past behaviour, current context and predicted intent of your customers, with messaging that’s truly relevant.

Unlike pop-ups, the customer has the choice to interact with your Digital Assistant – or not. It can remain in situ while the customer continues to browse or be collapsed and re-surfaced as required. Binary pop-ups can’t do this. They’re opportunistic, and often badly timed.

An enhanced experience

All of these changes add up to a user-centric experience, designed to work in harmony with the purchasing journey. Rather than interrupting the visitor’s experience, our Digital Assistant enhances it, displaying relevant content only to those who need it.

Keen to try it?

We’ve already worked with the majority of our clients to roll out our latest Digital Assistant – speak to your account manager today if you have any questions.

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